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We bring together Strategy, Project Planning, User Experience, Design & Development and Data-Driven Digital Marketing to produce Systems That Make Money and accomplish your goals.

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Our first step in every project is to understand your business, objectives, and work with your team to produce a plan to accomplish your goals while meeting your budget.

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Empowering you and your team to understand the flow of your system and guide the development to ensure your goals are met.

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Seamless Development

Utilizing industry best practices and implementing maintainable support-focused code, our experienced designers and developers turn your ideas into reality.

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Data-Driven Digital Marketing


From outbound email campaigns to message optimization, our team ensures your products and services sell. Marketing is planned out from the first step and tests are iterated to maximize your conversion rates.

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We Specialize In SaaS

With 15 years experience in digital marketing and development and multiple launches of our own SaaS companies, we are optimized for SaaS development. Experience in the build and product launch process can be the difference between a successful business and a huge waste of time & money.

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Jesse Self

Data Analyst and Marketer

Before joining the MedRev team, Jesse started a healthcare business of his own. He knows the industry niches and has the expertise to implement marketing strategies using everything from email to social media. When it comes to data driven decisions, Jesse has the analytics that make the difference.

Vlad Bartusica

Development Management

Vlad made his way into coding through a childhood love of Star Wars. Working to develop his technical skills, Vlad discovered a talent for programming and development. After years of effort, Vlad has molded himself into one of the premiere developers in his field.

Vlad's hobbies include cooking, hiking, and a semi-professional floor gymnastics career. He still loves Star Wars and Sci-Fi but hasn't managed to reconstruct the Millenium Falcon...yet.

Emily Byars

Project Management

Emily was born and raised in a North Atlanta suburb. After moving to Boston to receive a degree in anthropology from Northeastern University, she returned to the South to escape the cold. Emily began her career in tech at a master data management company, where she worked as a tech writer, testing technician, and a technical sales support writer.

A true Georgia Peach, Emily loves to travel anywhere with warm people and warmer weather. She is a professional dog trainer, a hobby mycologist, and a nerd of many sorts. In her down time, you can find Emily in the woods or on her couch binge-watching off-beat comedies.

Eve Slaughter

Business Development

Eve grew up in South Carolina with a passion for fine arts and being extremely talkative. She attended Winthrop University with a Degree in Art History. Today, Eve spends her time gaining new business for JH Media Group, painting, having a great time with her husband, two fur babies, and the JH Media Group family.

Lucas Lopvet

Front-End Developement & QA Management

Lucas originates from the picturesque town of Rugney located in Northeastern France. His lifelong interest in visual art began during early childhood. Today his areas of expertise include graphic design, web design and logo design as well as children's book illustrations. Lucas's whimsical style, technical skill and attention to detail can be seen in all of his work.

Lucas and his wife Madalena met while living in Cusco, Peru and were later married on a small island in the Puget Sound. The couple moved to Athens in 2007 so Madalena could obtain her PhD in Anthropology at UGA. In his free time Lucas plays pickup soccer, reads novels and listens to music. Damien is Lucas's fraternal twin brother.

Rochelle Long

Billing & HR

With her many years of experience in the business world and with her understanding of the needs of businesses and executive directors of all types companies, Rochelle is a valued account manager for clients of JHMG. She is known for her attention to detail and her understanding of the needs of all types of businesses in relation to web design and functionality. She is most passionate about completing a project that satisfies the goals for which it was developed and seeing the results of that project. With her background as a CPA and years of entrepreneurship, Rochelle has a strong understanding of business fundamentals and knows what it takes to make both small and large businesses successful.

Rochelle lives in Athens, Georgia and moved there with her husband to be closer to their children. Then as children often do, they moved away, but Rochelle & her husband stayed. When she is not swimming laps at the Ramsey pool, Rochelle can be found gardening or enjoying her one dog and 10 ducks. The eggs are just an added incentive.

Rochelle is on the board of directors for the Athens Conflict Center and she holds a Bachelors degree with a major in accounting from the University of Georgia in Athens. She worked as a CPA for numerous years for a large CPA firm in Georgia where she learned how to negotiate the business world.

With her background as a CPA, Rochelle is a perfect match for the billing department for JHMG.

Jason Long


Here at J H Media, I work as the CEO. I still do a little bit of the creative work as well if necessary. On top of that, I support our top notch team of managers to get your project done within your budget and on time. Finally, if you ever have a problem with something here at J H Media Group, call me directly. I always want to know how we can make things better.

Thanks for your interest in J H Media!

Kristen Zalatan

Project Manager

After spending her childhood in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Kristen went on to get a degree in psychology at Georgia State University. She then spent six years developing and implementing educational and social programs for adults on the autism spectrum and training incoming counselors. She went on to work at as a support agent at MailChimp before joining JH Media Group as a project manager.

Kristen also spent six months volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center. In her free time she enjoys swing dancing, crafting, exploring the outdoors, traveling, and cooking. She loves sushi, cats, and karaoke and wants to visit Japan one day.

Dr Michelle Nicole Cobb

Information Architect

Dr. Michelle Nicole Cobb was a software engineer prior to obtaining her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Georgia. She combined her skills while working as an Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to lead the design, development, and evaluation of web and mobile phone applications targeted to help people manage anxiety and depression. Michelle is excited to bring all these experiences with her to JH Media Group. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, running, and dancing.

Matt McCoy

Lead Developer

Matt is from Acworth, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015 with a degree in Computer Science. His areas of expertise are programming, back-end design, and website security. His experience with websites goes back to his early years of high school where he designed and operated multiple websites for non-profit organizations.

When he's not working, Matt enjoys playing guitar, going to concerts, and playing with his 1 year old German Shepherd, Munson.

Kevin Sherrill

Marketing Management

Kevin grew up in Alpharetta. Following a scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa, Kevin spent some years in the Midwest, learning to appreciate the Spring and Summer months.

After college Kevin wrote, illustrated and published his own comics, eventually making his way into the field of design. He now lives in Atlanta with his dog, Briar.

In his spare time, he illustrates, rides his bike, trains Jiu Jitsu and spends a disproportionate amount of time dogsitting the little monster that eats his socks.

Colin Egan

Lead Design

Colin grew up in Fayetteville, Ga and started drawing cartoons, creating t-shirt graphics for friends and experimenting with different art materials at an early age. He followed his passion and went on to earn a BFA in Graphic Design from the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design at Georgia State University. During this time he held internships at Adult Swim and Phantom Studios as well as initiated his own freelance illustration business called The Catoonist. Colin’s main goal is to make positive impact on the people who interact with what he creates. He would love the opportunity one day to illustrate a children’s book. Aside from design, Colin loves the outdoors (an Eagle Scout), biking, video games and his cat, Snugs.

Joss Wakamo

Lead Design

A graduate of the Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design, Joss Wakamo is an Atlanta-based graphic designer who is passionate about improving his community and the lives around him. Since graduating, Joss continues to hone his design skills by working with clients ranging from local businesses and non-profits to international companies. In his free time, he enjoys screen printing, foreign films, and wine by a campfire.

TD Long, MD


Dr. Long received a pharmacy degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia and then attended medical school at the Medical College of Georgia. He graduated from MCG and was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha, the Honor Medical Society.

He has experienced the challanges of inpatient and outpatient radiology problems from both sides of the spectrum, as an internist and as a radiologist. Dr. Long is board certified in Internal Medicine and Radiology. He is a practicing radiologist and has practiced radiology as a general radiologist and as an interventionist for over 27 years in both outpatient and hospital settings.

Dr. Long advises JH Media Group on methods to increase patient flow volume for outpatient centers as well as methods to increase insurance reimbursements. His interests include new technologies for both general medicine and radiology.


Office Greeter

With 11 years of experience as the JH Media Group’s professional greeter, Georgia takes great pride in every new warm and welcoming experience she presents. From smiles to licks, with the occasional jump in place and even a bark every now and then, she ensures that every person coming in the door knows that they are at home and welcome. In what little spare time she has, she enjoys ensuring that the couch does not float away by her constant commitment to hold it down. Other endeavors include chasing mice at the family farm, keeping deer from eating the crops, and protecting against the intrusion of UPS, US Postal Service, and FedEx intruders, who receive the most distressed of warnings against entry.

Jimmy Vassello

Project Manager

After multiple years of working in mortgage and financial software project management, Jim joined the JHMG team. As a side project, Jim has been interviewing multiple sales managers, CEO's, comedians, and improv professionals about the connections of improv training and its application to business.

He's authoring a book about how improv can improve your sales team that's expected to be published by March, 2018. When not working, interviewing, or writing, Jim spends his free time doing stand-up comedy, rock climbing, & martial arts.


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